Resurrection of The Venture Bros: Long Form Special Teased by Creator


As one of the longest running programs in Adult Swim history, it was devastating for fans like me when “The Venture Bros.” was canceled in September of 2020 after 17 years and seven seasons on the late-night line-up. What started off as a modern send-up of the classic cartoon “Jonny Quest” quickly became one of the funniest adult oriented animated series ever made. The cancelation was especially heartbreaking, as series creator Jackson Publick (aka Christopher McCulloch) had made it known that the team was currently writing the show’s eighth season.


Hammer recently expressed his disappointment of the show’s abrupt ending with calling it “dysfunctional”:


“We have a character walking away from the Venture family, which is not the way Jackson and I think of the Ventures. There is love and family at the core of all this, and yes [it’s] dysfunctional… but love and family is a deep part of our show. And to have somebody flip his gears and just go off in search for himself… that’s not the kind of ending we would ever write. That doesn’t feel good to me.”


Then this happened yesterday…



We reported earlier this year that Adult Swim ordered a movie for “The Venture Bros.”, which will release on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD for 90 days before jumping over to HBO Max and Adult Swim at a later date. Now Publick has announced that production on the film has begun, revealing the above photo of the second draft of the screenplay, dubbed “Long-form Special,” penned by Publick and “Venture Bros.” co-creator Doc Hammer (aka Eric Hammer).



While Season 8 was canceled indefinitely, the movie is expected to serve as a way to wrap up Team Venture’s journey and bring the popular series to a close. The official synopsis for HBO’s “The Venture Bros.” film is as follows:

Doc’s latest invention will either bankrupt the Ventures or launch them to new heights, as Hank searches for himself, Dean searches for Hank, The Monarch searches for answers, and a mysterious woman from their pasts threatens to bring their entire world crashing down on them.




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The Venture Bros. was one of the rare shows that evolved with the times and societal standards rather than fighting them. The early seasons of “The Venture Bros.” hstarted off a bit stiff, but it seemed like Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick allowed the show’s characters and storylines to age and grow, advancing the show’s comedic stylings in the process. Perhaps with a feature film, the show will get to be as bloody and subversive as the creators would like.


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