Watch: Reimagined ‘The Batman’ Trailer Casts Adam West as the Dark Knight


Although Batman has evolved throughout the years in comic books, nothing compares to what fans witnessed in The Batman, particularly when juxtaposed to the 1960s TV program starring Adam West.


With the exception of Batman & Robin and possibly Batman Forever, most Batman big-screen adventures have been grim and dark, the TV series was a very different style. The series managed to give Batman an image as a campy, comedy character for kids, with bright colors and awful jokes, as well as on-screen text depicting punches and slaps in classic comic book form.



Now the Corridor Crew have dropped an impressive trailer for The Batman on their YouTube channel to bring the Dark Knight’s past into the present in a most spectacular way. Best known for producing VFX videos involving the MCU and making family franchises R-rated and their visual effect updates, the Corridor Crew has now produced this amazing crossover trailer that brings the stars of the 60s Batman TV series into The Batman’s gritty universe.


THE BATMAN, but with Goofy Batman


It’s quite a slick production, particularly of fans of the campy 60’s show. In the following video, they breakdown how they pulled off this impressive feat.


We put the OLDEST Batman into the NEWEST Batman


It tool the Corridor Crew  a week to complete the updated trailer using some readily available software resulting in an amazing and delightfully amusing spin on The Batman.

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