Regarding the Petition to Save the Live-Action Cowboy Bebop Series

The live-action Cowboy Bebop revival has been mercifully canceled by Netflix, but some weirdos don’t want Netflix write the new show off just yet. Cowboy Bebop, which debuted on Netflix recently after a protracted production, has already been canceled, making it the latest Netflix series to be canceled prematurely. Many fans of the anime had been misguidedly looking forward to the concert, therefore the news came as a shock to many, except for anyone who actually watched the awful series.


We’ve already explained the three simple reasons why the show failed, but apparently thousands of people claiming to be fans of this terrible show are signing a new petition to save Cowboy Bebop on, refusing to give up on the series just yet.



“For those people who want a second (or more) of the live action cowboy bebop. It wasn’t a direct copy of the anime but the world they put together was amazing and deserve a second season,” writes the petition’s creator, Ryan Proffer.


Cowboy Bebop obviously has fans, but the live-action series was terrible in numerous ways, so perhaps there would never be enough push-back to convince Netflix to continue on with the investment. While it initially performed well when it debuted, amassing 74 million viewing hours across its ten episodes after three weeks, that was followed by a massive 59% drop-off in viewership, which is probably why Netflix cancelled the series. Mixed reviews coupled with a high budget certainly didn’t help matters, and it seems that Netflix decided to cut their losses rather than gambling on a second season.


Do yourself a favor, and just watch the far superior anime series.

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