Top 100 Comic Book News Sites: Bleeding Fool Ranks #7


I know what your very first question is; “there’s 100 websites about comics on the internet??


In fact, they list 112.


And your next question is probably; “If Bleeding Fool is in the Top 10, then who else is on this list?


Won’t it be more fun to take a look for yourself? Sure, Marvel and DC are on there at the very top. And and CBR and Screen Rant all outranked us too, but our readers may be particularly delighted to see who ranks a bit lower than us, and we have YOU to thank for this.


#9 Comics Beat

#13 Comics Verse

#18 Bleeding Cool

#25 AIPT

And you get the drift. Your final question is probably; “who the hell is Fiction Horizon?”


Fiction Horizon covers every topic related to modern comic books, with a wealth of information on books, comics, TV shows, films, video games, and anime, but also the latest information about these topics with the latest from the world of pop culture. It’s a site run by comic book lovers and they’ve combed the internet to rank their favorites and to share some hidden gems you may never have heard of.


Cool website. Book mark it.


In this list, you will be able to find a lot of blogs and websites writing about the most popular comics, like Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and others, but also, this is a great list a lot of blogs and websites that write about independent comics, so don’t forget to check them also out, I think you will also be surprised at what other jewels are hiding in this list.


Couple of oversights though. Where are Bounding Into Comics, Critical Blast, and Cosmic Book News? Bookmark those sites too.



Thanks everyone!!



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