R-Rated Version of ‘Birds of Prey’ Not Available on HBO Max


Not that many people want to, if anyone decides they want to watch the R-rated version of Birds of Prey, they’ll need to go out and buy the Blu-ray, as the R-rated version is apparently not available on HBO Max. While one version of the Margot Robbie-led film is currently available on HBO Max, according to one report, many viewers who went to watch it realized that it’s an edited version, making the streaming cut much more TV-friendly. This is more than a bit strange given that this is for HBO Max, which includes additional R-rated programming, and no formal rationale for the restriction has been provided.



When you start Birds of Prey, a graphic appears on the screen highlighting that the film has been altered from its original form, announcing right away that it has been edited for content. In fact, everything in the film that led to its R rating has been deleted, including the several swear words, which have been dubbed over or omitted. Other more mature visual gags have also been censored, including Renee Montoya’s “I shaved my [testicles]” shirt and Harley Quinn flashing her middle fingers.





This isn’t the first time viewers have noticed this kind of edit. When The Evil Dead was recently added, many fans noticed a more subtle change: a demon’s arm strangling a lady on the cover artwork had been completely deleted and other viewers have commented on seeing modified edits of other R-rated films such as Spawn and Saw VI.


Clownfish TV comments:


Birds of Prey CENSORED on HBO Max.


Despite the critical disappointment, poor reviews, and the incredibly bad box office, the Birds of Prey story will be explored in another spinoff starring Jurnee Smollett as Black Canary. This project is apparently in the works for HBO Max, and WarnerMedia may have intended to test the waters with an edited version of Birds of Prey to have a better sense of which rating they should aim for with the Black Canary film. In any event, if you want to watch Birds of Prey on HBO Max, be aware that you will be seeing the edited-for-television version.


Trust us, you don’t want to waste your time on ANY version of this shit show.



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