Prosecutors to Show Videos of Alec Baldwin’s History of Firearm Recklessness


Prosecutors in the newest case against actor and producer Alec Baldwin over the death of a cameraman on the set of his film Rust accuse him of a history of reckless firearms use, and they’re submitting video evidence to prove it.


According to a new report from Variety, state prosecutors Kari Morrissey and Erlinda Johnson said on Monday that Baldwin shot at least one blank bullet from his weapon at the team prior to the event that resulted in the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. The complaint also claims that he was spotted participating in “horseplay” with guns and was “erratic and aggressive,” all of which caused safety concerns.



The prosecutors indicated in their latest filing that they plan to introduce further reckless firearm use and Baldwin’s behavior, some of which was captured on video. Some clips showed Baldwin fumbling with the gun, repeatedly cocking and uncocking it, as well as brandishing it with his finger on the trigger, both of which violated movie industry gun safety guidelines.


Prosecutors claim Baldwin refused to follow required gun safety measures when Rust resumed filming in Montana after a nearly two-year hiatus following Hutchins’ death. According to prosecutors, their video evidence suggests that Baldwin’s risky behavior continued long before and even after the fatal incident in 2021.



The filing was submitted to warn Baldwin’s defense that prosecutors expect to present this evidence during the upcoming trial, giving the defense an opportunity to object.  The trial will begin on July 9 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.





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