How Powerful Has Richard Meyer of Diversity & Comics Become?

by Avi Green

Controversial comics reviewer of the Youtube channel Diversity & Comics, Richard C. Meyer was named by Bleeding Cool as one of the top 100 powerful people in comics of 2017. So how did the webmistress of Comics Beat respond? With the following indirect snoozer:

Mrs. MacDonald apparently doesn’t know that Meyer’s the writer/artist of the 2012 graphic novel ‘No Enemy But Peace‘. How amazing that she’s willing to be critical of the propagandists at BC, but won’t name Richard Meyer directly. It’s pretty apparent, based on her wording, that she doesn’t like Meyer, all because she’s part of the media crowd that’s in the tank for bad apples like the now departed Axel Alonso from Marvel, and even Dan DiDio, who’s still at DC, where he doesn’t belong. One might also surmise that she’s part of the crowd that’s against C.B. Cebulski’s appointment to EIC at Marvel, and loathes the fact guys like Meyer, who made their name reviewing good and bad comics on Youtube, has had some influence in getting somebody like Cebulski’s appointed, irregardless of his political standings.

Here’s Meyer’s own commentary about the response to his nomination:

It sure is laughable MacDonald has a problem with somebody who only made rank 83 of the BC listings. That’s hardly a high position to maintain at all, but it is entertaining. There may also be some jealousy involved since Meyer’s Youtube Channel has recently surpassed a healthy 50,000 subscribers as of this writing. And yet, Heidi MacDonald’s response was positively mild compared to Marvel Comics writer Mark Waid.

In fact, Richard Meyer may be more powerful than first reported. It seems his back-and-forth with Mark Waid on Twitter has caused the latter to delete his Twitter account, (though he has reportedly done so before.)

Originally published as More of Heidi MacDonald’s SJW griping in motion

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