Pixar’s ‘Soul’ to Get Documentary About Finishing Movie Amid COVID Quarantines


Disney and Pixar’s Soul | Official Trailer | Disney+


Pixar’s Soul will be the subject of a new making-of documentary to show all the soul that went into making Soul during stressful times.

Kemp Powers, co-director and writer on the film, shared the news during a virtual press conference with co-director Pete Doctor and producer Dana Murray. “We ended up actually creating a documentary about the process of finishing Soul remotely that’ll come out at some future date,” he says.

According to Murray, there were “seven weeks of production left” when shelter-in-place ordinances came down in March after the COVID-19 pandemic spread to the United States. “I guess we were really lucky and blessed of where we were at in production because the back-end is highly technical. So, people were able to literally grab their machines and go home with them, and we were up and running in a day or two,” she explains. “Our systems team is incredible. Everyone was just really resilient.”

Little other details are known at this time and a rep for Disney did not respond with further comment when contacted. Disney previously announced that the film would be released on Christmas Day 2020 on their Disney+ streaming platform at no extra cost to subscribers.


via EW

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