Payback: Ray Fisher Reportedly Written Out of DC’s ‘The Flash’



Following his declaration that he won’t work with DC Films head Walter Hamada ever again, Ray Fisher has reportedly been written out of DC’s The Flash.

Insiders close to the pre-production of The Flash, which is scheduled to debut in theaters in summer 2022, have reportedly revealed that the role of Cyborg will not be recast, and as a result the character will no longer appear in the Ezra Miller-fronted film. The news comes not long after Fisher suggested on Twitter that he had resigned from the role due to Hamada, whom he called an “enabler” of Justice League director Joss Whedon.

The actor accused Whedon of misconduct during production of the movie, which was troubled and went through extensive reshoots following the departure of original director Zack Snyder. “Walter Hamada is the most dangerous kind of enabler,” Fisher wrote in a tweet after it was announced Hamada’s role at DC Films had been extended for three years. “He lies, and WB PR’s failed Sept. 4th hit-piece, sought to undermine the very real issues of the Justice League investigation. I will not participate in any production associated with him.”

Directed by It helmer Andy Muschietti, The Flash is also set to feature Ben Affleck reprising his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman, while alternate universe versions of characters including Michael Keaton’s take on the caped crusader are also expected to show up.



via Yahoo Entertainment

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