No Way Home Breaks Records This Weekend: Who Can Stop Spidey in January?


As expected, Spider-Man: No Way Home continue to dominate the weekend box office. It maintained its position at the top spot bringing in another $33 million, making its domestic take to date at $668 million, Looking at the new offerings coming, it doesn’t look like the film will drop out of the lead any time soon. According to Box Office Mojo, there are only a handful of wide-release films in the month of January.


One of them, the Jessica ChastainPenelope Cruz led The 355 opened this weekend to a disappointing $4.8 million placing it third in the top five with Spider-Man and Sing 2 above it and The King’s Man and American Underdog below. And it wasn’t even close to Sing 2 which made $12 million on its third weekend. Only two other films are opening wide this month with the rebooted Scream debuting on the 14th and The King’s Daughter on the 21st. I could see the nostalgia for the original Scream films bringing folks into the theaters, but maybe not enough to take the top spot. And I’m not exactly sure who the audience is for The King’s Daughter as it tells the tale of King Louis XIV capturing a mermaid to steal its lifeforce only to have his scheme discovered by his illegitimate daughter. The film stars Pierce BrosnanWilliam Hurt and Fan Bingbing, but I’m not sure those names are a big enough draw to get folks out during the pandemic. Bingbing was also in the 355.


It looks like the MCU’s Wall-Crawler will be able to cling to the lead for the whole month of January, but how much further can he climb? Grace Randolph, of Beyond the Trailer thinks that it may enough legs to reach the top 5 domestic box office films of all time, but will probably never seat the top two, Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($936.6M) and Avengers: Endgame ($858.3M) respectfully.


Spider-Man No Way Home Box Office Records Update, $2 Billion? The 355 Bomb


With $668M, Spider-Man: No Way Home did pass Titanic as the sixth-highest grossing movie in domestic box office history, passing James Cameron film’s $659.3 million. Deadline is reporting that 54.4 million tickets have been sold for the film in the U.S. and Canada. This also marks the second highest fourth weekend for a December release, beating Star Wars: The Last Jedi ($23.7M), Rogue One ($22M) and Rise of Skywalker ($15.1M), but still behind Force Awakens ($42.3M).


It is likely that No Way Home will continue at the top of the charts for some time as the only real big competition that was set to release in January was Morbius and it was recently pushed back again to April 1st.


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