News from the Multiverse: Harley, Batfleck, & Gunn! Oh My!

A lot of DCEU news came out the past few days.  First was that teaser trailer for the Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey movie…eh was lukewarm at best.

After that was news about the release date of Matt Reeves Batman, its emphasis on Batman’s detective skills…and what I consider to be the sad news that Ben Affleck is official out as Batman. 

Then finally James Gunn is in talks to direct Suicide Squad 2 in addition to writing it!

Well in my first drive-based video, I talk about what I think about about all of these! What do I think? Well it’s not a rant so that should be a good sign…right?

NOTE: APOLOGIES for the loud music but it was the best way to drown out the car (it was VERY noisier than usual today)

Talks from the Multiverse: Harley, Batfleck, and Gunn! OH MY!

Robert Willing

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