New Owner: Funcom Fully Acquires Conan & Solomon Kane Rights


Funcom has announced the acquisition of Conan the Barbarian rights and other properties such as Mutant Year Zero and Solomon Kane. This new acquisition is now working on a new, unknown game combining several of Robert E. Howard’s characters. Funcom reported in a press release that it has taken on a non-revealed Cabinet Group and, most importantly, Conan, a number of emblematic characters with it. The whole of the Cabinet portfolio will also become the new Chief Executive Officer of the Heroic Signatures division of Funcom, Fredrik Malmberg.


Age of Conan: Unchained – Launch Trailer

Check out their Age of Conan here


Funcom claimed that it is “currently overseeing the development of an unannounced game which will combine many of the characters in the Robert E. Howard universe.” As a part of the announcement. Howard is a pulp fiction writer, with Conan the Barbarian and demon-slayer Solomon Kane being his most renowned characters. Even if the game is not a Conan the Barbarian game, it will probably include him as a character whatever this project is.


Midnight’s Edge gets into some of the ramifications of this new ownership.


Funcom acquires Conan The Barbarian outright + Netflix series and Solomon Kane update!


Midnight’s Edge also has a riveting discussion with none other than Fredrik Malmberg, producer of movies and games, and by way of Cabinet Entertainment; the ultimate owner of the Conan IP.


King of all things Conan: A Barbarian Conversation with Fredrik Malmberg


Conan and other Cabinet assets are now fully acquired by Funcom, but it will not affect any projects presently under production, including Netflix’s Conan series. Nor will it affect Marvel’s continuing Conan comic series.

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