New Evidence Confirms Amber Heard’s ‘Bruise Photos’ Were Faked


An insider claims in a series of leaked emails that Amber Heard “is guilty” and that a full PR agency had been hired to help “discredit” the jury’s decision in the defamation case and win back the star of Aquaman. The team allegedly acknowledged that the images of her bruises that she had submitted as evidence in a defamation lawsuit to back up her claims of abuse by Johnny Depp were fake.

The leaked email starts off:

“I owe you an explanation” about “what’s actually happening. The truth is, is that “Amber is guilty. I heard the audios of Amber confessing to assaulting Johnny and of course her bruised photos are fake.”



It also reveals that a threat was sent warning journalist Jessica Kraus against publishing any negative articles about Amber.


“You’re in great danger if you release Part 4 of Amber Heard fake s*s party stories. You don’t wanna mess with us. Think of your family Your choice.”


The same source then apologized to Ms. Kraus:


“I would like to apologize to you and your family for what I wrote in my previous email that looked like a threatening email to and your family. That was dumb intention. I am not going to engage in this anymore. Here is the deal. In June 2 after the verdict in order to change the narrative Alafair from Shane Comms contacted several Heardstan account in order further step up the effort of making Amber look innocent.”


Actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard act contrite for violating Australia’s biosecurity laws, in an apology video posted by Australian government officials on YouTube. Source: Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources


The email also alleges:

“The unsealed doc was seen as a massive opportunity to shift the scale, even going so far as misrepresenting the facts. [Kat] Tenbarge from NBC News is part of that effort. She plans to target you this month with a hitpiece about your lies.”


Jessica responded with the following,

“I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt – that maybe this ‘hit piece’ is just a rumor. Which I’m happy to ignore. And if that’s the case, please accept my apologies in advance. If not – if in fact this is a working endeavor, and you think you’re going to slander me in print, for telling the truth, after conspiring with a team who threatens independent journalists and their family members with hints of violence, I’ll make sure your name is forever attached to every threat I receive from here on out. People will know you for your allegiance to PR thugs, instead of your words or articles.”



Since losing her defamation case against Johnny Depp, Amber Heard has stayed out of the limelight. Aquaman fans are hoping she is cut out of the planned sequel.

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