Netflix Reportedly Acquires Kanye West Docuseries for $30M



Kanye West’s life and times are coming to a small screen near you. According to Billboard, a multi-part documentary chronicling the Chicago-raised artist’s career and achievement is set to premiere on Netflix.


According to their sources, the streaming platform has bought the project from Clarence “Coodie” Simmons and Chike Ozah, better known as Coodie & Chike, the filmmaking and producing combination responsible for West’s first music videos “Jesus Walks (Version 3)” and “Through the Wire” in 2003. According to reports, the purchase was concluded for “upwards of $30 million.” Home films and never-before-seen material filmed by the couple over the period of 20 years are featured in the documentary.


With their relationship with West “as the backbone of the documentary series,” it is said that the film will touch on the death of West’s mother, Donda, his fashion endeavors, and his presidential campaign in 2020. Although West isn’t creatively tied to the project, a source shared that West has given his blessing. The untitled documentary is said to more than likely premiere in multiple parts later this year.

Karina Smitt

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