Netflix Mandates Vaccines for All Actors and Crew Members

According to Deadline, Netflix is demanding vaccinations for everyone working in “Zone A” – the area of a set where performers congregate and come into close proximity with crew members. Netflix is said to be the first Hollywood company to require full COVID-19 vaccines for all actors working on the streaming service’s US films. All crew members who come into contact with them will also be obliged to get the vaccine.


The decision comes only days after the main Hollywood studios and labor unions signed an agreement last week that allows companies to need full immunizations as a condition of working on a film. The arrangement is in place until September 30.



Also according to Deadline, Netflix is attempting to limit exclusions to a minimum, including for medical, religious, or age reasons, and possibly in a few cases for series and films that are currently in development. 


Netflix’s decision comes at a time when vaccine regulations are gaining traction in Hollywood. Sean Penn reportedly refused to return to the set of his Starz series Gaslit unless the whole cast and staff had been vaccinated. Through his CORE organization, the actor promised to help with the effort for free. Meanwhile, even Trump hating actors like Michael Rapaport are beginning to think differently about the purpose and efficacy of the vaccines.



Netflix productions are currently being shot across the country, including in Georgia and California. It is unclear whether the business rule will apply to Netflix shows produced by other studios. Meanwhile, tech giants like Facebook and Google will require workers to be vaccinated. Unlike movie sets, can anyone explain why anyone would need to go into the office at Facebook other than maybe those managing the physical server farms.


Sigh. I’m sticking with “my body, my choice”.

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