Netflix Cancels Animated Adaptation of Jeff Smith’s ‘Bone’ Comic


The woke TV streaming channel’s not going ahead with a planned cartoon based on Jeff Smith’s Bone, according to ComicBook:


Netflix’s long-gestating adaptation of Jeff Smith’s Bone has apparently been scrapped. The news came courtesy of a new report from The Wrap, which breaks down the recent changes going on behind the scenes at Netflix Animation‘s Kids & Family division. In particular, it reveals that “several high-profile projects have been unceremoniously canceled” at the streamer, with Bone being among them. The project was first optioned by Netflix in 2019, with the goal of it being adapted into an animated series. In addition to Bone, Netflix’s animated adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The Twits is reportedly being retooled into a feature film, as well as Lauren Faust’s Toil and Trouble.

The trade site’s article requires registration to read in full, but from what I could tell, they do say Netflix’s stock tumbled 30 percent of recent, and that’s got to be saying something. Considering how woke Netflix has been for a number of years now, I think it’s a blessing that what was a well regarded comic won’t be seeing an adaptation from such a channel, because it could fall victim to much of the same political correctness as almost anything on the channel.

So this is not a loss, but rather, decidedly good news. With the way things are going in Hollywood now, it’s better for acclaimed comics not to be adapted when such bad networks are in charge of the sponsoring and bankrolling.



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Avi Green

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