Ms Marvel, Moon Knight & She-Hulk All Begin Production in 2020


Kevin Feige at his presentation at CCXP confirmed that Ms. MarvelMoon Knight and She-Hulk will all start production in 2020.

The trinity of Marvel Studios-produced TV shows for Disney+ starring characters not introduced in the films were announced at Disney D23, in the midst of the temporary split in the partnership between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios over Spider-Man. In any case, Ms. MarvelMoon Knight and She-Hulk are all fan-favorite franchises, and their introduction into the MCU is something that fans are looking forward to. But none of those announcements came with release dates.


When a Moon Knight television series was confirmed at D23 Expo back in August, many people thought the character of Jack Russell aka Werewolf By Night would fit perfectly there. After all, Marc Spector made his comic debut in the pages of Werewolf By Night #32. And now it does appear that is the case, as the character of Jack Russell is expected to play some role in the upcoming Moon Knight TV series.


It’s not known what type of role he’ll play in the series. Originally, Moon Knight was something of a villain in Werewolf by Night who showed up to cause trouble for Russell. It wasn’t until Moon Knight’s solo series began that the character became more of a hero. Even more, this could be another way the series will lead into the Blade movie

Feige also confirmed that these three series will have a significant impact on the entire MCU.


As it stands, the new Disney+ series are going to take the MCU in new, unexpected directions, and vastly increase the roster of superheroes that will take part in the setting as the mythology of the universe expands greatly.

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