More Hollywood Crew Members Reject Biden’s Vaccine Mandates


According to a letter obtained by Patrick Howley at the National File, and which was circulated amongst Hollywood IATSE crews via text message, Hollywood union crew members are frustrated with union leadership and are currently organizing against their own unions. They are aggravated about the vaccine and masking mandates and saying that Hollywood may lose a bunch of its workers.


An urgent message to all the 13 IATSE West Coast Locals currently negotiating our new union contract.

Local 44 – Local 80 – Local 600 – Local 695 – Local 700 – Local 705 – Local 706 – Local 728 – Local 729 – Local 800 – Local 871 – Local 884 – Local 892

August 2021,

Dear Representatives,

We feel compelled to write about recent concerns we have. Both on our behalf and for all of our co-workers. We hope the points presented can be taken with an open mind and as a warning for dangerous future legal risks our union might be accepting.

To that end, the following two items are REQUIRED to earn a yes vote from ALL of us.

⁃ Complete rejection of any and all vaccine mandates ⁃ Complete rejection of any and all vaccine status inquiries by employer (note: this specifically includes Complete rejection of any visible marking of crew members with colored stickers or similar – incredibly violating)

Omission of either from any new contract will require us to immediately vote NO for any new contract. We have no choice in this. For us, this is non-negotiable, there is no possible compromise, and this is essentially a “one issue” contract. Forcing people to give up freedom over their own bodies is unacceptable and goes against every value this country, and all of humanity, cherishes and protects.

If a contract is presented without these two essential provisions, we will also be voting against all current leadership in every future election if they promote this atrocity. To us, that would be an inexcusable betrayal of the responsibility of representation, something that could not forgotten or forgiven.

It is already unconscionable that in the recent RTW update our unions agreed to allow production companies to mandate an Experimental Gene Therapy as a condition of employment. According to widespread international adoption of the Nuremberg Code decades ago, this is officially classified as a “Crime Against Humanity”.

Does IATSE really want to open itself up legally to liability for future lawsuits? The risk of this is real and would bankrupt the union along with all of our pension accounts. We are worried that the union is already at liability risk with the recent RTW agreement and suggest it be retracted immediately with all references to vaccine mandates removed.

You may have heard the argument that we are free to choose another job, so it is not really a “mandate”. That is inaccurate in the eyes of the law, which clearly states any groups, not just governments, mandating OR coercing participation in Medical Experiments are equally culpable and guilty of crimes. Manufacturers have been granted immunity from liability decades ago. That protection does not extend to employers or unions. If a member is coerced into participating in Medical Experiments to keep their job and suffers a debilitating injury, or death, the employers and the unions collaborating in this coercion are BOTH liable and could be sued.

Another glaring source of future liability is any representative verbally or in writing claiming that these Experimental shots are “safe”. Members are being told by their business managers to just get the shot because it is “safe” and “not a big deal”.

The safety has NOT YET been determined, these Medical Experiments are UNAPPROVED by the FDA. They are currently only AUTHORIZED FOR USE under an “Emergency Use Authorization”. That is NOT equivalent to being APPROVED for “safe” use.

The safety is still being vigorously debated on a global stage. As of 7/30/2021 (8 months of Covid shots) there have been 12,366 DEATHS associated with these Covid Experimental Gene Therapy shots reported to the national Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). To put this into perspective, that number is 50% more than ALL OTHER vaccine related reported deaths COMBINED (8,858) since the beginning of the VAERS database 30 YEARS AGO. In only 8 months.

Union representatives should STOP using the word “safe” to coerce the members you represent into participating in a Medical Experiment. This is not a grey area legally. It is a crime to try and convince someone that any of these Medical Experiments are “safe”. It is still conceivable that in the future we find out these shots don’t work. On Friday, August 6th, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky stunned many viewers of CNN with the following shocker: “Our vaccines are working exceptionally well. They continue to work well for Delta in regard to severe illness and death being prevented. BUT WHAT THEY CAN’T DO ANYMORE IS PREVENT TRANSMISSION.” So, why then are we mandating shots that don’t prevent covid from spreading. What is the point of that? This new development suggests that these shots aren’t as protective as previously thought. We could still eventually find out that they are dangerous. You need only research the risk of “Pathogenic Priming” or “Antibody Dependent Enhancement” that medical professionals and clinical experts have been warning us for almost a year might present with this type of Experimental Gene Therapy. Union representatives using terminology now such as “safe” open the union up to legal liability in the future.

Safety debates aside, we are not asking that as a union we collectively decide about the potential dangers and/or efficacy of the vaccine…that may never be agreed upon, even by some of the smartest minds in Medicine. We are only asking you to seriously consider the fact that at the end of the day there are certain inalienable rights that simply must never be violated, no matter what you believe. Even those of us who have gotten one of these shots agree that what we put into our body (especially things that can’t be removed, ever) and the decision on whether or not to participate in any medical treatment must remain a PRIVATE and PERSONAL decision between a patient and their doctor. Mandating such participation is unacceptable. There is a large constituency of members that completely rejects this coercion and will vehemently vote against it. We would have seen this already if the recent RTW agreement was put up for a vote.

Consider this precedent being set: We draw up papers with a lawyer demanding information on the status of all other employees’ health conditions in regards to other forms of communicable diseases. Demanding information on employees with AIDS, hepatitis, flu, STDs measles, mumps, and so on, then force the employers to make immediate policies to section off employees who have any illness that can be spread, including the common cold, and maybe wear a colored sticker that indicates which illness they have. If an employer is going to take responsibility in stopping the spread of covid-19, they will then be liable for the spread of anything else. Is this the future you want for our industry? It is an absurdity. What possible madness is next in this fear driven mania? Those of you casually conceding to these demands may not like the future consequences. Don’t let fear drive us to bad decisions for some unrealized promised safety.

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither.”

We are prepared and resolute in our commitment to fully walk away from this industry if it goes down this dark path. We could not in good conscience support a union or an industry promoting these human rights abuses. We love this business; we feel we are a part of something that actually does change the world (some of us for decades). However, we can’t contribute to an industry if it is promoting crimes against humanity. These policies being pushed are immoral, and considering the influence Hollywood exerts over most of the world, these policies are a threat to all of humanity. We refuse to be a part of that. With the global stage we occupy, what we should be doing is setting an ethical example and be united to reject human rights abuses.

We believe the IA does have its members best interests at heart. Lately, we have seen some horrible decisions that can only be attributed to woeful misinformation and likely terrible advice. We are writing with the intent of saving our union because we all love it and love our careers in this industry. With the recently updated RTW agreement (un-voted on by the membership), IATSE is showing it is being irresponsible with its members physical safety and financial security. We are sincerely hoping now you find the courage to correct this mistake. Please REACH OUT and talk to members about this issue. That is something that hasn’t been happening enough lately. We think you will find a vast majority completely reject a policy that forces or coerces Medical Experiments and treatments on members as a condition of employment. There are a lot of us that believe this. Please keep us all working. Don’t jeopardize the ratification of a hard-earned contract with one bad decision. Stand up for what is right, just, and ethical, and the members will rally and align with you. Please do the right thing, and don’t force us to walk away from an amazing industry.

Thank you for your time.

In Solidarity,

Southern California Concerned IATSE Union Crew Members

“Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem.”

(I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery)


If present IATSE leadership promotes what these workers consider the “atrocity” of vaccination mandates, crew members who believe in medical autonomy vow to halt contract discussions and vote against existing IATSE leadership in all future elections. Matthew Loeb, the current president of the IATSE, recently addressed a letter to Joe Biden, offering the union and its members’ assistance in constructing field “vaccinations sites” with the Biden White House.


The IATSE has reached a short-term deal with Hollywood studios that allows them to require Coronavirus injections on site. More than 140,000 professionals in the entertainment sector are represented by the union.

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