Mike Baron’s Acclaimed ‘Biker’ Series to be Developed for the Silver Screen


Arowana Media Holdings just announced it has acquired the tv/film and other media rights to Mike Baron’s acclaimed Biker, a series of novels that comprise the Bad Road Rising tales. Baron is the writer of more than 1000 comic books and numerous novels. As most of our readers already know, Baron made a name for himself in the comics industry with a legendary five-year run on Marvel Comics’ first ongoing series for The Punisher, Marvel’s popular anti-hero has been adapted for screen a number of times, most recently in the eponymous Netflix series.



In the Biker series, protagonist Josh Pratt is an outlaw biker turned private investigator in a genre-bending confluence of biker and detective lore, twisting like an F5 tornado through authentic landscapes and subcultures such as the renown Sturgis Biker Rally, a Midwest college campus, the politically turbulent lands of the Okapachee Sioux, the bizarre world of the occult, and the deadly criminal underground of the Paraguayan jungles. All the while, crossing paths with arms dealers, bull breeders, cult leaders, kidnappers, exotic animal traffickers, and even his estranged father, who abandoned him at a truck stop when he was 15 years old.



Baron first published Biker, his first novel, in 2014. He’s gone on to write a total of nine novels in the ongoing series published through Wolfpack Publishing. 


Producers Rich Angell and Mark B. Newbauer see great potential in adapting this world to screen. Newbauer says, “Mike Baron’s Bad Road Rising is a marriage of classic hard-boiled noir and modern-day pulp, evoking Elmore Leonard (Out of Sight, Get Shorty) and likeable anti-heroes like Jack Reacher, with plots that twist in unexpected directions, peppered with increasingly diverse characters, often on the fringe of society.”



Arowana also recently acquired the worldwide film, television and streaming rights for the Vampirella property from Dynamite, with the deal reportedly including “all Vampirella stories, characters and derivative works.”



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