Michael Mantlo, Brother & Caregiver of Bill Mantlo, Passes Away


Michael Mantlo, the brother and caretaker of beloved comics writer Bill Mantlo, has passed away. His cause of death is not yet known, but friends, fans and supporters are in mourning after years of knowing Mantlo as the man who took on the task of caring for his brother following an accident that left the Invasion! writer in need of round-the-clock care in 1992. His wife shared the information on a Facebook page that she and Michael maintained to share news about Bill’s well-being and provide fans with a place to comment on and share fond memories of Bill Mantlo’s work in the comics industry before his accident.

Michael is well-known by fans of Bill’s work, not just for helping to take care of his brother but for the larger-than-life efforts he has gone to in order to keep Bill’s legacy in comics alive. Michael was a driving force in persuading Marvel (with the help of director James Gunn) to set up a private, advance screening of Guardians of the Galaxy for Bill, who was not capable of going to the theater.


A portion of the proceeds from the upcoming Micronauts Artist Edition from IDW will be made available for Bill’s continued care.



The entire team at Bleeding Fool offers their sincerest condolences for Michael’s family and friends.




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