MCU Phase 4: Marvel Studios Reportedly Has BIG Plans for Galactus

According to, Marvel Studios is planning to introduce both Galactus and Tyrant to the MCU in the near future, and while it’s hardly a surprise that we’re finally going to get a comic accurate version of the Devourer of Worlds, the introduction of Tyrant is definitely a surprise. 



He appeared in some of the Silver Surfer’s solo tales in the early 90s and was a creation of Galactus’ who went rogue and became a bad guy. He later went to war with his creator and that battle resulted in the destruction of entire galaxies (ultimately, he was banished by Galactus into deep space). 

It is unknown when or where these two will appear, but it sounds like it could happen in Phase 4 which is definitely cause for celebration and a sign Kevin Feige is taking full advantage of the FOX characters who were acquired in that merger.

Mandy Parker

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