MCU Cannibalization? Live Action Marvel Zombies Project in the Works


The fan-favorite Marvel Zombies idea finally got its moment in the spotlight this past week, as it was the subject of the latest episode of Marvel’s What If…?. The animated anthology series deals with a different possibility in the multiverse each week, and the Zombies episode introduced an undead apocalypse to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, showing many of the Avengers as flesh-eating villains. Based on the popular comic from Robert Kirkman and Sean Phillips, this episode of What If…? has seemed like the only bit of Zombies we might see from Marvel Studios, but that may not actually be the case.


As it turns out, Marvel Zombies might be getting the live-action treatment in some form or fashion in the future. There hasn’t been any sort of announcement from Marvel Studios about such a project, but former Marvel Comics writer Mark Millar hinted at something in the pipeline in a recent newsletter.



Millar, known for penning Marvel’s original Civil War, wrote, “(if my sources are correct) a little live-action Marvel Zombies further down the line, but you never heard that from me.”


This could be written off as just a writer sharing some chatter they overheard at one point or another, but it’s worth remembering just how connected to Marvel Zombies Millar actually is. While The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman wrote the original Marvel Zombies miniseries, it spun out of Millar’s Fantastic Four comic. If something does happen with Marvel Zombies, Millar could potentially get a piece of the check, so he’d likely be in the know.



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