Opening Weekend for Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ Underwhelms at Box Office



From the mind of Jack Kirby in 1976 to the big screen in 2021 with an Academy Award-winning director and a diverse, all-star cast, the Eternals has had a rocky journey that has culminated with a paltry $30 million dollar opening day (including $9.5 from Thursday night previews) and, according to Deadline, and pulled in around $71 million over the weekend. It also picked up $90.7 million internationally, which pushes its global total to a respectable $161.7 million. The film opened in several major markets, picking up $14.4 million in South Korea, $7.1 million in the United Kingdom, $6.7 million in France, $5.7 million in Mexico, $5 million in Australia and $4.6 million in Italy.


This makes it the lowest opening weekend for a Marvel Cinematic Universe film since 2015’s Ant-Man. And those numbers could still go up or down as more accurate figures come in. While these numbers are average at best, there are a few factors that could be keeping it from doing even better.


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The film has an officially rotten score at Rotten Tomatoes, and even the positive reviews are less than stellar from top critics, being the first MCU film to score so low under the Fresh level on Rotten Tomatoes coming in at 48%. The film is also very long, clocking in at 2 hours and 37 minutes, meaning less scheduled showings in a day.  And finally, while the marketing has been strong, these characters are considered very obscure to all but the most hard-core comic book fans, with some saying the film looks like a bunch of nobodies dressed like an Earth, Wind and Fire tribute band.




The film was finally released last Thursday, and now that moveigoers are actually seeing the film,  the audience score is doing far better than the critics take, coming in at a mild 81%. But upon close inspection, many of the 5 star audience reviews at Rotten Tomatoes appear to be posted by accounts that have never reviewed a film before, meaning the accounts were created solely to review Eternals, making many of those 5-star reviews dubious at best. Nonetheless, these results are comparable to another recent superhero movie – the original Venom, that scored only 30% with the critics but 81% with the audience and led to an $80 million opening weekend and $856 million worldwide overall.



Currently, Eternals is on pace to have a similar opening to Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings which wasn’t exactly blockbuster status either, and as such we’ve already been hearing that a sequel for Eternals is probably not happening.  


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