It’s Marvel Studios, Not Star Wars, That’s the Backbone of Disney+


In a recent survey by Whip Media, it has become pretty obvious that Marvel Studios is the backbone of Disney+Variety broke down the numbers in the survey of TV Time app users where 96% of them said they had used Disney+ before. The big question was how important are the Marvel TV series to you when deciding to subscribe and 55% said it was the main reason they subscribe with an additional 8.5% saying it was the only reason and another 26.1% who say its not the main reason, but they do watch.


Only 10.3% said it wasn’t important to them at all. That means that Marvel is a deciding factor for almost 90% of the subscribers. They went on and asked about series that the respondents have completed watching and 72.4% had finished WandaVision, 66.7% finished Loki and 64.7% finished The Flacon and the Winter Soldier. That number drops significantly for the animated What If…? with only 42.5% having finished watching. Even 31% had finished watching Agent Carter and another 18.8% watched the Inhumans.



80% of respondents had finished at least one of the Marvel series. As for upcoming series like the recently debuted Hawkeye, 65.9% of respondents said they were definitely intended to watch the series with another 11.5% likely to. Only 9.8% said they wouldn’t be watching. Marvel has been carrying the streaming service this year since their other big series, The Mandalorian, wrapped it’s second season at the end of 2020 and the only new offerings in this year for Star Wars was the animated series The Bad Batch and we’ll get one episode of Book of Boba Fett right near years end.



So, while Disney will definitely want more Star Wars series to get subscribers on board, the Marvel series are currently doing the heavy lifting for the streaming service.

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