Marvel Studios Announces a New Year’s 2021 Musical Show

Color us very surprised as, in the last weeks of 2020, Marvel Studios is having some sort of musical performance on New Year’s Eve which is going to come complete with a preview of what’s to come from the studios in 2021. This is a real thing. No word yet on who is involved.


This musical event, which Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has now officially promoted, will be airing during the Bilibili New Year’s concert which targets a young audience in China. China is one of the largest box offices in the world, often outperforming the rest of the world for certain movie titles. Marvel’s push to focus on an Asian audience is a smart play for business, especially considering there is finally an Asian super hero on the way in the for of Simu Liu’s Shang-Chi. If you don’t have access to the channels where this will be broadcast, it’s a safe bet that the content will make it’s way to Twitter.



In the video below, Feige officially announces the musical event and offers a tease of what’s to come in 2021.





via ComicBook

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