Marvel Introduces … Cat Variants??

Well apparently Marvel has decided to broaden its to appeal to include… cat fans?

Marvel is introducing, come this February, variant covers of at least six different comics to be feline inclined. 

The cat theme is trying to tie in with Goose from the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. This series of cat-themed variants will be coming to some Marvel Comics titles beginning in Febuary 2019. Although no art, artists, or details have been revealed as of yet, this would seemingly tie into Goose’s role in Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel coming out March 8. ‘Goose’ looks like a cat – but in comic books, he’s from an alien race called Flerkens.

At the time of this post, six titles are known to have cat variants: Daredevil #3Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4Guardians of the Galaxy #3Meet the Skrulls #2Thor #11, and Wolverine: Infinity Watch #2.

Below in my video I break down the news and make my own cat variant cover!

Marvel Comics - New Cat Variants Coming | The Crazy Cat Lady UNLEASHED - Feat. Raven

Tristen Just

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