Marvel Comics Confirms, No New Comics This Week


There will be no new comics this next week from Marvel Comics.

The spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus has had major effects on the comic book industry, many of which we may not know about in full for some time. It’s unclear when Marvel will resume publication on titles that had previously been solicited, or even when comics that were being worked on for publication later in the year will be solicited and released.

One thing is for sure, though: no Marvel books will be released digitally in lieu of being released in stores. Marvel Entertainment also furloughed some staff members as a result of the reduced overall business.

It seems that Marvel does not intend to begin publishing new comics until Diamond Comic Distributors is once again in a place to distribute their products. Diamond previously released a statement revealing the company had potential plans to kickstart its distribution once again in the middle of May, though it’s unclear if they’ll stick to that time table.

The company had previously stopped distribution of all new products at the end of March, shutting down New Comic Book Days for the foreseeable future and later cancelling all plans for Free Comic Book Day (one of the biggest comic book retailer events of the year).

John Pallister

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