Marvel Cleans House: Kills Howard the Duck, Tigra & Dazzler at Hulu

Marvel is cleaning house.

As the transition from the Jeph Loeb-led era of Marvel Television comes to its end and Kevin Feige begins to have greater creative control over film and television projects, the comic book company has opted to end development of two of its four animated Hulu comedies. No longer moving forward are Howard the Duck and Tigra & Dazzler, the latter of which was paused in December as part of a creative overhaul. The other two shows in Marvel’s original four-show animated comedy universe set up at Hulu — MODOK and Hit Monkey — will continue on as planned.

Animated crossover The Offenders is also unlikely to move forward given that half the combined universe has been scrapped. Still, the character of Howard the Duck has had several cameos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it’s likely he will appear in future projects. Sources say that the decision to scrap two of the four shows was ultimately made by Marvel, not Hulu. Both Disney-owned companies declined comment.


Via THR 

Meghan Murphy

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