Loki Showrunner Takes Over Doctor Strange 2 Writing Duties

The sequel to Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange gets a new director, the project is also getting a new writer. Michael Waldron, the head writer of Marvel’s upcoming Disney+ series Loki, has been tapped to work on Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Sam Raimi is in negotiations to make his Marvel movie return to take over helming duties on the project after Scott Derrickson, who directed the initial 2016 installment, exited over creative differences.

Jade Bartlett was the previous writer on Multiverse of Madness and the project was being billed by Marvel as its first scary movie. How scary may have been one of the creative friction points — Marvel had no comment on Derrickson’s departure and has no comment on Waldron’s hiring. Bringing in both a new director and a new writer could point to a broader reworking of the project than previously thought.




John Pallister

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