Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 May Leave Time Travel Behind for Good

Legends of Tomorrow, at its inception, revolved around time travel, but it may be time to move away from it. Over the years, each season has included saving time, breaking time, and/or repairing time. However, as the show found its trademark quirkiness, it has ventured further and further away from its original premise. Given that, season 6 would be the perfect season for the Arrowverse’s most unusual show to leave time travel behind for good.

Losing time travel could bring more suspense and higher emotional stakes to the show. That is made clear by their first goal in season 6, which is to rescue their inspirational and beloved captain, Sara Lance, who was abducted by aliens.


Legends of Tomorrow is, at its heart, more of a buddy road trip show than a time travel show. Time travel increasingly dampens the stakes as there’s always a chance of any catastrophe being undone. The loss of time travel, which has become more of a plot device than a premise, wouldn’t take away from the fun dynamic among the show’s characters or the bizarre antics of their foes.

Of the original nine time-traveling Legends aboard their ship, only Sara Lance and Mick Rory remain as season 6 begins. Recently announced cast promotions and additions will only add to the depth of characters aboard the Waverider, further lessening the need to rely on time travel. Esperanza “Spooner” Cruz joins the crew as an alien expert and the team’s new tech geek following the departure of Ray Palmer and Nora. The former “Queen of Hell,” Astra Logue, who unleashed the “encores” on the world before later joining forces with the Legends, now finds herself part of the rag-tag team. They’re simply two more characters who may just become one of the Legends of Tomorrow themselves.


Christina Wiggins

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