Kiwi Farms Exposes Comic Writer Chris Chan’s Alleged Incestuous Sexual Assault


Comic book writer Chris Chan was arrested for allegedly confiding in an undercover investigator how he raped a woman named Barb, believed to be his mother. Christine Weston “Chris” Chandler began trending on Twitter on Friday, July 30, when it was revealed that recorded audio messages and DMs regarding the comic writer’s 80-year-old dementia-stricken mother had been the victim of sexual assault at the hands of her son Chris Chandler, 39, also known as CwcvillGaurdian (YouTube account) or just Chris Chan. The YouTuber who rose to prominence after inventing the Sonichu web series identifies as female and goes by the name Christine Weston Chandler , and in the messages allegedly admitted to sexually assaulting the mother digitally.



Chan came out as a transwoman in 2016, after transitioning from the inventor of the widely popular ‘Sonichu’ to an active crusader for causes other than the LGBTQ++ community and adopting the name Christine Weston Chandler.



The news of the mother’s assault came out July 30, and since then, Chan has been booked and released from 14, Branchland Court in Ruckersville, Virginia after police conducted a welfare check at their home. However, one part of the case that has received a lot of attention is the source of the leak. According to the Kiwi Farm thread alleging Chan’s incestuous crimes, the leak was caused by an unknown person identified as ‘Bella’, who has been dubbed an undercover investigator that Chan believed he was confiding in. 



That Kiwi Farm thread shared screenshots of Chan detailing that Barbara Anne Weston’s abuse, the mother, came from an anonymous user called NULL. The user shared five photographs on the platform, all screenshots of Chan’s texts to someone they identify as someone “named ‘Bella’, who Chris confided this information in.” Included along with the texts, was a 9 minute 33 second audio recording wherein Chan goes on and on about how mom begged Chris to stop at one point, but claimed there was “progress” in her deteriorating memory as the “massaging” of her privates was stimulating her. 


How on earth was this grade school level art ever considered noteworthy?


If true, then this is disgusting, repulsive behavior. But what can we expect from someone as clearly troubled as Chan appears to be? I’m still not convinced that any of this is normal!



Exposing the details, NULL writes that “Greene County Police visited the Chandler residence for a wellness check. Just now, Chris was served an emergency protective order until August 5th. He is not allowed at 14 Branchland Court until then. He is also not allowed to contact his mother at all. Barbara is at the hospital for a senior care inspection.” The user also adds: “Chris has someplace to sleep. I will be disbursing the remainder of the GoFundMe money to him to cover emergency expenses, as promised and as legally obligated of me.”


#Killstream: Chris-Chan Arrested Live + Interview, Ethan Ralph's Scoop of the Century



In Chan’s messages to the unidentified undercover investigator, the comic writer talks about the ‘romp with ‘Barb’, whom is never explicitly referred to as the mother. Chan talks about how stimulating Barb’s memory so successfully that Barb could recall anecdotes from when many years ago. Chan calls cuddling with Barbara after massaging her “g-spot” a “bonding” moment unlike any other. The texts begin with, “So yes, Barb and I just had another romp in the hay,” before adding: Tonight, I started looking into a more consistent pattern to my massaging, And I took the input and focused on getting blood flow into the groin area.” 





Further disturbing details from Chan’s recount include her telling her confidante: “Also made another attempt at rubbing her vagina, externally at first, then slipping between the lips and rubbing the internal labia. Then she told me to stop,” she continued to the undercover cop, adding: “I had attempted the first night to rub her in there; I found her spot, but it hurt her. But, alternatively, I did find that at cunnilingus, I was good at it with my tongue.” The next text adds: “And I did also stimulate her cl*t; that does not seem to hurt her as much but she still has a limit with that spot as well.”


My Mother WORKED Hard, Spent Hard; Needs Money NOW.


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