Kevin Smith Suspiciously Questions ‘Batgirl’ Cancelation: ‘Incredibly Bad Look’


Despite the fact that test screenings for Batgirl had begun as post-production and filming had ended, according our reporting last week, the movie was completely scrapped, and fans will never get to see Batgirl. The project will become a “lost film” because it won’t be streamed or released in theaters. This is probably a good thing.

However, Kevin Smith, filmmaker and alleged comic book fan, had harsh words to say about the situation and complained about the cancellation on his YouTube channel and made the argument that the studio is being unfairly painted by this action. Some people think the movie was pulled because it was of poor quality. Smith doesn’t believe this to be the case, but he still thinks the movie ought to have been seen by the public.



“It’s an incredibly bad look to cancel the Latina Batgirl movie. I don’t give a sh*t if the movie was absolute f*cking dogsh*t, man, and I guarantee you that it wasn’t. The two directors who directed that movie did a couple of episodes of Ms. Marvel, and that was a wonderful f*cking show, y’know. Great looking and they had more money to do Batgirl than they had to do an episode of Ms. Marvel and stuff.”


Kevin Smith Gets Caught in this Week's Warner Bros. Discovery Moves


Smith goes on to argue that even if the film looked “cheap” compared to other superhero tentpole movies, as many insiders have reported, it shouldn’t have any difference, pointing to the popularity of Arrow and its related shows on the CW. It has the filmmaker questioning if maybe there’s another reason behind the scenes that led to the cancelation, as he can’t help but feel leery about the official explanation.


“And also, I love all the CW shows, and the CW shows show their budgetary constraints, and the big complaint they said here was, ‘Oh well it isn’t big enough to be a f*cking theatrical release, so… It looked too cheap because it was a 90 million dollar movie.’ How do you make a cheap looking 90 million dollar f*cking movie? But if it looked anything, like, slightly better than an episode of f*cking Arrow, why couldn’t we have seen that? It feels like there’s more than just ‘We’re gonna save 20 million dollars,’ like, I don’t know, man.”


Is he suggesting that Warner Bros. Discovery’s new leadership doesn’t know what they’re doing? Or that perhaps this decision is racist, or not “woke” enough? Or maybe Kevin is just bitter.



As Cosmic Book News reported earlier, Kevin just had his own DC Comics project cancelled at HBO Max, again, owned by Warner Bros. Discovery: 


as Kevin Smith reveals his Strange Adventures episode featuring Bizarro Superman has been canceled at HBO Max, which of course follows Warner Bros. Discovery and CEO David Zaslav canceling Batgirl and Wonder Twins, among others.

What also really hurts is that Smith reveals he wanted Nicolas Cage to play the Bizarro Superman (Cage nearly played Superman in Smith’s defunct Superman Lives years ago), and Smith further reveals the budget of the episodes would have been really high – around $20million an episode – and to put that into perspective, The CW DC shows are only around $3-5 million, so Strange Adventures would have been something special.



Getting back to Kevin Smith’s Bizarro Superman episode, Smith revealed on his YouTube channel that he was contacted by HBO Max and asked to pitch an episode where he chose from a list of characters that he could use, so he chose Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, the Daily Planet, Bizarro Superman, and Toyman, with other characters on the list including Ragman and Deadman.


What do you think? Is Kevin Smith right, and Warner should have released Batgirl, or is he potentially just bitter his Superman movie got cancelled. In any case, Batgirl has been put on the shelf,  and with these comments, it’s likely Smith will never be let anywhere near another DC Comics property.


Fine with me. 

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