Kevin Feige Says He Never Wanted Black Widow to Debut on Disney+


In an interesting report from the Wall Street Journal, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige was said to not be in favor of releasing the Black Widow film to Disney+, saying that it would interrupt the schedule for the MCU’s TV shows and films. The article also states that Feige didn’t like the idea that the MCU’s first film headlined by a female actor would be relegated to home viewing… the problem with this part of the article is that Captain Marvel was actually the MCU’s first female lead film. But the fact that releasing it out of order with the TV shows like Falcon and the Winter Soldier does cause continuity issues. Black Widow was delayed from it’s original May 2020 date to December and again until it finally opened in July in both theaters and on Disney+.


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This of course has led to the lawsuit between Disney and Scarlett Johansson over the way the film was distributed and how she was supposed to be paid, but this looks to have further reaching effects as the article also points out that the Russo Bros., who helmed some of the MCU’s largest films, have reportedly ‘hit an impasse’ in contract negotiations for their next project for the studio because they are weary of signing a new deal until it’s clear how the film would be distributed.


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This has the potential to snowball if Disney doesn’t get it resolved quickly. So what did it REALLY do at the box office?

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