Keanu Reeves’ ‘BRZRKR’ Film at Netflix Hires ‘Screenwriter of The Batman’

Combining Netflix, comic book movies and Keanu Reeves will create a multimedia universe based on the beloved star’s graphic novel BRZRKR is a surefire recipe for success.


Just weeks after the first issue hit shelves, it was announced that the streaming service had acquired the rights to the property and placed both live-action and animated features into development, with Reeves playing the title hero in both projects.

The plan is for the live-action effort to come first, and it’s just taken a huge step forward after hiring a writer. In a recent interview, Reeves revealed that Project Power and The Batman scribe Mattson Tomlin is on board to pen BRZRKR.



“… We’ve hired a writer for the film: Mattson Tomlin. He’s been cool and just starting to put things together. That’s where we’re at,” Reeves said.

The broad strokes of the plot follow an immortal warrior through 80,000 years of bloody battles. Half mortal and half god, the mysterious figure referred to only as ‘B’ offers his services to the government so he can fight wars too violent, deadly and dangerous for anybody else, in exchange for information surrounding his cursed existence and a means to end it.


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