Journey to the Unimaginative: Disney+ Rebooting “Space Camp”


Disney is heading back to Space Camp.

The 1986 teen space adventure was a comedy thriller about a bunch of kids who were accidentally shot into orbit with their female teacher. Now the movie is getting relaunched for the 21st century for Disney+. Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell, Saturday Night Live writers now making inroads into the movie space, have been hired to pen the script. John Rickard, whose credits include Rampage and Horrible Bosses, is producing the project that is being developed by Disney’s live-action film division.



Space Camp told of a group of teens attending an astronaut camp near Cape Canaveral, Fla. Allowed to sit in a space shuttle during a routine engine test, the group finds itself in a life or death predicament when they are accidentally launched into space. They must work together to find oxygen and ultimately bring the shuttle home for a landing. The film received less than stellar reviews and it’s doubtful there’s been anyone anxious to see a remake.



Jamison Ashley

Jamison Ashley

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