JOKER Grinning With a $985 Million World Wide Box Office So Far…

Deadline reports that while Warner Bros’ Doctor Sleep is snoozing at the domestic and international box office with a global total of just $34.1M to date (and despite good reviews and audience scores), the Burbank studio has a major milestone ahead as Joker closes in on the $1B mark worldwide.

Not only will the movie become the first R-rated picture to the post, it will have done so without China in the mix, making it one of a precious few with such bragging rights.

The global cume on Joker is now $984.7M with $671.2M from offshore after a $20.3M 6th weekend (-47%). Joaquin Phoenix’s outsider Arthur Fleck should be fully embraced into the billion-dollar club this week.

Meghan Murphy

Meghan Murphy

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