Johns Staying at WarnerMedia Despite Fisher’s Claims to the Contrary


Writer-producer Geoff Johns has multiple projects at WarnerMedia and remains working with the company, despite a claim from actor Ray Fisher that Johns will be parting ways with WarnerMedia following the company’s investigation into Fisher’s allegations of misconduct on Justice League, multiple sources have confirmed to Variety. According to WarnerMedia, more than 80 people were interviewed during the “thorough” investigation.

On Thursday, Fisher posted a Twitter thread disputing a report that Fisher “publicly resigned” from playing the role of Cyborg for DC Films after Fisher tweeted on Dec. 30 “I will not participate in any production associated” with current DC Films president Walter Hamada. Six days later, Variety reported that Hamada re-upped his deal to run the DC unit through 2023.

In the same thread, Fisher tweeted that the Justice League investigation led to WarnerMedia “parting ways” with Joss Whedon — who was the main focus of Fisher’s Justice League allegations — and that “Geoff Johns will be following suit.”

According to three sources familiar with Johns’ work with WarnerMedia, the company remains in business with him.

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