Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow Still Big at Disneyland


The Pirates of the Caribbean ride reopened at Disneyland on Friday and fans were quick to notice that the Johnny Depp version of Captain Jack Sparrow was still part of the ride. The ride, which originally debuted back in 1967, closed on March 14th for refurbishing and many wondered if Disney would take the opportunity to remove Captain Jack due to Depp possibly being done with the franchise and his recent court issues.


But attraction riders noticed very little change to the attraction short of an improved sound system and an overall cleanup. The reopening was delayed by an hour so the park could rearrange how the line would work, which still ended up cutting part of Orleans Square in half… and the day was plagued with temporary shutdowns through out the day for unspecified reasons. When it was open, the wait time got to be as much as 45 minutes before noon.



Good to see Johnny Depp still part of Disney, even though Disney lost their way years ago.

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