Johnny Depp Victory: Court Demands ACLU Prove Ex-Wife’s Divorce Settlement Claims


Actor Johnny Depp has won a hard fought victory in his ongoing post-divorce legal drama when a judge ruled last week that the ACLU must prove Amber Heard’s claims that she gave $7 million to the civil rights organization, which she promised to do.


Depp and Heard split in 2016, and the Aquaman actress publicly stated that she would donate half of her $7 million settlement to the ACLU and the other half to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. According to some sources, Heard only donated $100,000 to the children’s hospital, raising the Pirates of the Caribbean star’s suspicion that she did not donate the $3.5 million payout to the ACLU, which triggered the lawsuit.



A New York judge ruled in Depp’s favor, ordering the ACLU to provide documentation proving that Heard did, in fact, make the payment to the group as promised. “Mr. Depp is most gratified by the Court’s decision,” Depp’s attorney said to USA Today.


The update is related to Heard’s previous complaint against the Washington Post over an op-ed Heard allegedly published headlined “I spoke up against sexual violence and faced our culture’s wrath.” While the story did not specifically name Depp as an abuser, the actor filed a defamation suit, claiming it was evident she was incriminating him.



The Daily Mail reported that “claims that emails between those writing the piece show that the ACLU penned the bulk of the WaPo op-ed,” and those emails can be read on our earlier reports on this story from June here. Depp’s lawyers demanded the court look into Heard’s claims back in May and now it looks as though the court has sided with Depp and his attorneys on the matter.


Pop some popcorn, ya’ll. I have the feeling this is about to get even better. Go Johnny, go!



Karina Smitt

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