JK Rowling Takes David Tennant to Task Over His Pro-Trans Comments


JK Rowling clapped back on Doctor Who star David Tennant after his bizarre pro-trans statements at the 2024 LGBT Awards dinner, suggesting trans critics were ‘whining’. After receiving the celebrity ally award at the LGBT Awards for being one of ‘the community’s most fierce allies and supporters,’ the Scottish actor was asked to deliver a message to trans youth.


During an interview backstage, the former Doctor Who star stated that trans youngsters should not feel unwanted or unaccepted because ‘most people in the world don’t really care’ about their gender identity, adding that any opponents of transgender ideology would ‘all go away soon’.



Specifically, the 53-year-old actor said: ‘Everyone’s so self-obsessed that really, the sort of noise that comes from a certain area of the press and of the political class is… it’s a minority. It really is. So please don’t let that make you feel diminished or dissuaded or discouraged, because, you know, you have to be allowed to be yourself, and you are, and you are yourself and you must thrive and flourish, and we’re all here for you.” He added “It’s a tiny bunch of little whining f****** [that] are on the wrong side of history and they’ll all go away soon.’



‘Harry Potter’ creator Rowling criticized him when she learned of his comments, implying that Tennant seemed unconcerned about women’s well-being, with no thought of women who would prefer that ‘female-only’ prisons remain limited to biological women, and who might want “female-only” spaces at work or in crisis centers.  She also admonished thee actor for wanting ‘a lot of people to cease to exist’.

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Many may not know that the Tenth Doctor is also a father of five children, and last year, his wife, Georgia, posted a photo of their child, Wilfred (above), and confirmed the child’s usage of they/them pronouns and nonbinary identification.  Ever since then, Tennant has been vocal about his support for the transgender movement, wearing Pride pins that include the nonbinary and rainbow flags in the shape of a Tardis, and the like.


This explains why he is so vocal about the transgender ideology, and as journalist Helen Joyce explains in this video below, parents like Tennant will NEVER be able to move on from this ideology. 




Anyone else tired of all the pride month virtue signaling? At least June is over.



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