Jim Lee Removed as DC Comics Publisher, Bob Harras & Many Others Laid Off

ComicBook.com is reporting more details on the DC layoffs we reported yesterday is a veritable “bloodbath.” Several reports are coming in that a large swath of senior staffers have been let go, including several senior editorial, marketing and administrative personnel.


DC Comics has reportedly experienced a major shake-up, with editor-in-chief Bob Harras and several other editors among the employees laid off and Jim Lee removed from his publishing role. ComicBook.com has learned that several employees including Harras, editors Mark Doyle, Brian Cunningham, and Andy Khouri, VP of marketing Jonah Weiland, senior VP Hank Kanalz, and VP of global publishing initiatives and digital strategy Bobbie Chase are all out of the publisher. Lee remains at the company as DC’s Chief Creative Officer, but ComicBook.com has learned that he no longer holds the title of publisher. Lee’s new role will be to act as a liaison between DC and other brands of Warner Media. ComicBook.com has also learned that Warner Bros is in talks to bring in a new general manager “from the world of esports” to lead the division, but talks have not yet finalized. More cuts are also expected. ComicBook.com has reached out to DC Comics for comment but has not received a reply as of press time.


The layoffs are part of a wider restructuring at parent company Warner Bros., caused by the entertainment company experiencing huge dips in profits due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Warner Bros. has allegedly laid off approximately 600 employees including CFO Kim Williams. As part of this restructure, Warner Bros. is expected to “elevate” HBO Max and expanding its scope globally, which is expected to lead to a shuttering of the DC Universe streaming service. ComicBook.com has learned that most of DC Universe’s staff were also laid off as part of today’s cuts.


It’s not yet known if any major DC writers and artists were fired. Although it’s bad when anyone loses their jobs, I think a few people should have been removed long ago. Hopefully DC Comics will come out stronger after this.

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