Momoa Cancels Wizard World Appearance Due to His Activism

Last week, Jason Momoa said that he couldn’t shoot Aquaman 2 because he (alongside thousands of Indigenous Hawaiians) is devoted to protesting the construction of a massive telescope atop a sacred mountain. The man who brought Khal Drago to life (and death) did insert some gallows humor into the situation (a claim that he “got run over by a bulldozer”).

Given that the sequel won’t start production until 2020, it seemed unlikely that these protests would genuinely hurt Aquaman 2, so Warner Bros. probably wasn’t too concerned.

However, Momoa might be more serious about setting Arthur Curry aside than previously imagined, given that he’s now pulled out of a scheduled Wizard World Comic-Con appearance while his Instagrammed presence near Hawaii’s tallest peak, Mauna Kea (on the Big Island), continues.

Indeed, Wizard World representative Jerry Milani issued a statement to confirm that Momoa has cancelled his Chicago stop of the tour that’s scheduled for August 22-25. The cancellation notice reads, “[D]ue to unforeseen personal circumstances, Jason Momoa will no longer attend the event.” The statement makes no clarification on the nature of these circumstances (nor has there been word about Momoa’s furture scheduled Wizard World dates), but Momoa has continued to post new photos to urge public support for his chosen cause

Mandy Parker

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