Japanese Authorities Cracking Down on Illegal Manga Hosting Sites


The Japan Times tells of an operative for an illegal manga pirating site who’s been arrested for his crime:


A 37-year-old man was arrested Saturday for allegedly engaging in the management of an illegal manga-viewing website that hosted copies of “One Piece.”

Wataru Adachi is suspected of uploading unauthorized image files of the megahit comic in May 2017 on Mangamura, a website that allowed visitors to read pirated comics.

The suspect has neither admitted nor denied the allegation, saying he wants to speak with a lawyer.

Romi Hoshino, 27, the head of the website’s operations, was detained in the Philippines last month and Japanese police are set to arrest him on suspicion of copyright infringement for running the website as soon as he is deported to Japan.


This is but a step the Japanese authorities are taking in stopping manga pirating, which is unfair to the mangakas whose works are being posted to these crooked sites at the risk of costing them residuals for the hard work they’ve done. As this shows, the authorities in Japan can be pretty efficient in tackling crooks like these.



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Avi Green

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