James Gunn – Produced Brightburn Plot Leaks On Wikipedia

Since 2011’s New 52, the iconic character of Superman has been put through the wringer of various levels of deconstruction. The most offensive and destructive was 2013’s ‘Man of Steel,’ written and directed by men who repeatedly stated in interviews that they did not think the character of Superman ‘worked’ and that he needed to be deconstructed. The New 52 comics and Injustice games were lesser but still shameful displays of Warner Bros. and DC’s complete failure to understand and appreciate what makes Superman the iconic and inspirational character he’s been for the better part of a century.

BRIGHTBURN - Final Trailer

Enter ‘Brightburn,’ a film billed as a ‘superhero horror film’ that has clearly sold itself as another deconstruction of the Superman character and story. Produced by James ‘Pedophilia Is Hilarious‘ Gunn and written by his brothers, the film has met with some interest in the fan community. Surprisingly, what appears to be the full (such as it is) plot leaked on Wikipedia almost a week ahead of the film’s release. In this video, you’ll see and hear the full plot as well as my thoughts on whether ‘Brightburn’ is worth your hard – earned  money and even more valuable time. 


Chris Meaux

Chris Meaux is a husband and father of two beautiful girls. He is also working toward his Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing as well as a graphic novel that he hopes will offer the inspirational and aspirational heroes and stories DC and Marvel Comics no longer care to publish. Chris is also a part-time radio announcer and digital content provider, a podcast producer, and occasional substitute teacher. He moonlights as The Fan-Man, offering commentary on the latest in comic book and pop culture news along with reviews and other occasionally-successful attempts at entertainment.