James Gunn Calls ‘Bullshit’ on Anyone Claiming to Know DCEU Future Plans


Don’t believe anyone who says they know what is happening with the DCU. This is according to new co-chairman of DC Studios, James Gunn. The writer/director tweeted out yesterday:


“Anyone who says they know anything about anything in the future DCU is bullshitting, because right now that’s truly only me and Peter.”




This was in response to a question about some people claiming to already know who is going to be the DCU Batman. The two are said to have a ten-year plan to tell one great overarching story across film, television, gaming, live-action, and animation. And Gunn recently confirmed the plan to reveal that plan to the Warner Bros Discovery executives in the next two months.


Since only two people currently know what’s going on and it’s doubtful that Peter Safran is out spilling the beans to random people, it’s probably wise to take Gunn’s word and ignore rumor all those outlets.

Todd Fisher

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