J. Michael Straczynski Calls on Fans to Help Save His ‘Babylon 5’ Reboot

A secretive new Babylon 5 project featuring all surviving members of the show’s original main cast, its creator J. Michael Straczynski was revealed last year, but with the new owners of the CW, the future of the show may now be in jeopardy.


Straczynski, better known as ‘JMS’ to his fans, took to Twitter to casually drop information about the project recently, saying that it has already been produced and would debut at the 2023 San Diego Comic Con. “It’s the closest thing to the original B5 in tone of anything we’ve done since. As if no time has passed at all,” he posted on social media.



The television series Babylon 5 portrayed the tale of the titular space station, a diplomatic outpost orbiting a planet around the star Epsilon Eridani. The station’s crew and alien ambassadors fight against conspiracies and the emergence of fascism on Earth over the course of five seasons as they engage in an intergalactic conflict with an ancient species called the Shadows. For the show’s 110 episodes, Straczynski penned 92 of them (as well as six TV movies, the straight-to-DVD project The Lost Tales, and 10 of the 13 episodes of the ill-fated sequel series, Crusade).


With its five-year story arc planned out before filming began, Babylon 5 was praised for its novel-like approach to storytelling.


But in a more recent post on Twitter, Straczynski put out a call to action for Babylon 5 fans if they still wanted to see the series continue, since the fate of the show will be decided by the end of this month by Warner Bros TV.




Not all Babylon 5 fans were interested in the new show, and probably won’t lend a hand to saving it. What are your feelings towards the show, and the idea of a reboot?

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