Is X-23 Set to Replace Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

 So just what are Marvel Studios’ plans for the X-Men?

We still don’t know much, but one of WGTC‘s industry insiders has clued the site in on what’s in store for both Wolverine and X-23. It seems the elder clawed mutant will be introduced to the MCU and not long after, his clone/adopted daughter is going to take up the mantle, not unlike how Hawkeye plans to pass things on to Kate Bishop. Marvel is said to have big plans for her as well and want X-23 in the franchise sooner rather than later.

This decision might seem odd, but it makes sense the studio would choose to focus their efforts on X-23. After all, there’ve been plenty of movies that centered around Wolverine and since Logan proved to be an immense success among fans and critics, it’s easy to see why Kevin Feige and the creative team over at Marvel would rather not go back to the well.

Stay tuned.

Jamison Ashley

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