Is CBS’s ‘The Good Fight’ Calling for Political Violence?

CBS’s hit show The Good Fight has always been known to push the envelope, tackle social issues, political issues, and never back down, but have they taken it too far this time?


Yesterday on The Good Fight’s official Twitter account, they released a promo for season 3 episode 5 titled “The One Where the Nazi Gets Punched,” but was this just a promo? This seemed more activist in nature, than in promotion. within minutes they took the tweet down, realizing their mistake, but the internet is forever.



Given that many on the far-left think that literally everyone who disagrees with their warped view of the world is a “Nazi,” the term has lost all meaning. In my video below I go through the promo they released, and break down just exactly what I believe they’re trying to represent with this activism.


Tristen Just

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