Indianapolis Comic Shop Trying to Recover Positively After Rioters Vandalize Store


NBC-WTHR has a short report about what a comics store in Indianapolis is doing to put things back together after the past week’s race riots affected their business:


An Indianapolis comic book store, already struggling from the pandemic, is now trying to stay positive after its windows were shattered during the unrest.

Downtown Comics boarded the windows up and is now covering them with primer to try and do something positive.

“I’m going to primer it all and turn it into a big canvas.. and I’ve invited all my customers who are artists to make a big super-hero mural and make the whole front of the store look comic-booky,” said Doug Stephenson.

Artists need to bring their own supplies starting tomorrow and it can’t be anything political — just fun.

It’s terrible they had to suffer this, and so soon after Coronavirus already did harm to many comic book sellers’ business. But, it’s good they’re making an effort to stand the business erect again, and free of politics to boot. This is a most inspiring example.


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Avi Green

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