In Spite of Bad Reviews, Netflix Triples Down on Snyder’s Zombie Universe


Netflix is going all-in on the Army of the Dead Universe, which kicked off with this year’s mega-zombie actioneer and will continue with this fall’s prequel Army of Thieves.

There’s also an animated prequel series in the works titled Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas.


Zack Snyder will continue to build the epic Zombie Universe as part of his brand new first-look deal with Netflix. While Snyder has openly talked about his aspirations for a sequel, this is the first time it’s been confirmed, with reporting that development is underway with the first movie’s co-writer Shay Hatten.


Army of Thieves | Official Teaser | Netflix

There is a bit of bad news for those who absolutely loved Army of the Dead – don’t expect a sequel for quite some time. Snyder will first focus his full attention on his sci-fi adventure tale Rebel Moon for Netflix.


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